Workshops & Masterclasses

Students from Ecole de Design school work with plasticine
photo: Julia Peguet

Workshops are fun and I learn a lot with my students! Don’t worry, they also tell me they learn a ton with me too, look below!

I also do talks, Q&A forums and masterclasses about animation, about being an animator, the industry and stop-motion techniques and quirks.

Workshops can be for students, young professionals or keen non-professionals, and using any animation technique.

Students from Ecole Emile Cohl listen to Julia Peguet
photo: Ecole Emile Cohl
Student from Stop Motion Academy training work on StickyBone puppet
photo: Julia Peguet
Students from the Animation Workshop school work on Maya and ToonBoom
photo: Julia Peguet
My teaching is all about :
  • Acting / human body language
  • Facial animation
  • Lip-synchronisation
  • Plasticine, sculpting and on-camera transformations
  • Body mechanics and movement
  • Special effects on camera
Students from Ecole Emile Cohl listen to Julia Peguet
photo: Ecole Emile Cohl
Students from ArtFx school work on Maya
photo: Julia Peguet
Julia Peguet is giving a conference
photo: Katja Goljat
Student from Start-Motion training works on stop-motion puppet
photo: Julia Peguet

The theoretical lessons are like nothing I experienced so far, she is really knowledgeable not only in animation but also in human psychology and behaviour!

Student at The Animation Workshop

Very open-minded and respectful teacher with cool and calm workflow

Student at The Animation Workshop

Great insight into people, interaction, movement, intent and all the stuff we need to think about as animators

Student at The Animation Workshop

Easily my favourite teacher in the 2 years I’ve been here

Student at The Animation Workshop

She was not afraid to be honest and her feedback was very constructive and uplifting

Student at The Animation Workshop

I had my fair share of teachers throughout the years and she’s one of few that I felt the most connected to

Student at ArtFX

It felt like I could never stop learning from her

Student at The Animation Workshop

I’ve rarely felt better during a course or workshop

Student at ArtFX

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These are some of the schools and courses I teach at:

Logo The Animation Workshop

The Animation Workshop

Viborg, Denmark

ArtFx logo


Montpellier, France

École Émile-Cohl logo


Lyon, France

Stop-Motion festival logo

Stop-Motion festival

Montreal, Canada