Stop-motion animation and particularly plasticine (clay) is how I contribute to world peace! Well… I hope it helps anyway. Character animation and acting, facial animation, lip synchronisation, action scenes, cutting-edge or experimental animation and exaggerated animations are all part of my skill set.

Julia Peguet is animating the boy on Un Coeur d'Or
Koyaa is jumping from rolling box
puppets from Un Coeur d'Or are set on animation table
Julia Peguet is animating the woman on Un Coeur d'Or


Some works include:

Wallace lifts the lid over a nuclear cheese as Gromit falls backwards
© Aardman animations
Cat and mouse character from Creature Comforts
© Aardman animations
Butler combs hair of Old Lady on Un Coeur d'Or
© JPL Films
Shaun is looking at camera outside of barn
© Aardman animations
multicoloured bunnies in New York from Sony Bravia advert
© Sony
Karla looks at Kurt in Vokabulantis
© Wiredfly
Pirate Captain from Pirates
© Aardman animations
Purple and Brown characters
© Aardman animations
Koyaa character
© Zvviks