Julia Peguet in a stop-motion animation studio
photo: Julia Peguet

I push things around to recreate movements and emotions one image at a time and to transfer that emotion to you, viewer. I’m an animator, I see myself as a technician at the service of a story and a vision, but it could be argued that I do the same kind of job as an actor except I hide behind a puppet. I specialise in stop-motion and clay animation. Yes, the old-school, fun stuff!

Studios like Aardman Animations, creators of Wallace and Gromit or Shaun the sheep, and other studios all over Europe have been trusting me with this task since 2000. Mad, I know.

Several years ago, I began teaching animation, because why should I keep all the precious stuff I learnt for myself? Young professionals and animation students have it hard enough as it is, so I tell them everything I know (I mostly do it because I learn a ton and a half from them).

In 2018, the publishing company Pyramyd made a beautiful, shiny book out of a manuscript I gave them. It’s called “Secrets d’Animateur” and I wrote (and illustrated) it to share with a wider audience everything I learnt through my career. It’s quite a lot actually! Have a look!

I’ll see you guys on one or both sides of a screen soon!