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the main puppet from Julia Peguet's book "Secrets d'Animateur"

I’ve always had with me a notebook where I jot down everything I learn or discover throughout my career as a professional animator. This personal notebook became an actual book – that you can buy in a shop and everything! All my knowledge is shared in “Secrets d’animateur”, published by Pyramyd and you can click here to have it all for yourself forever.

Julia Peguet's book "Secrets d'Animateur"
Julia Peguet signing her book at Annecy Animation festival
Koyaa crew and Koyaa puppet read Julia Peguet's book

I’ve been an animator for 10 years and I have learned a lot anyway […] the learning points are really precise and Julia explains them in an easy-to-understand, really educational way. A book to keep next to Richard Williams’ one

Mathieu, animator


This book is just as useful for animators working with drawing or 3D

Aurélie, animator


Julia Peguet shares with a rare generosity […] theoretical aspects, exercises (and their corrections) and tricks of the trade, that are obviously rooted in experience and an extensive skill set

Jean-Christophe, animation blogger


The photos and illustrations are fabulous!

Dennis, reader


This book is the first one in a very long time that I find much more interesting than what already exists on the market. I highly recommend it to all my animation students

Erik Goulet, Concordia University


A constant intellectual satisfaction […] I think this is THE book I had been waiting for

Emilie, reader

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Julia Peguet with the book
photo: Julia Peguet

What you’ll find in the book:

Animation principles

  • Fundamentals of animation
  • Animation curves
  • Cheat and corrections

Understanding and recreating movement

  • Energy sources and their effects
  • Animation styles
  • Hand-made special effects

Creating a low-budget puppet and rig

  • Diagram
  • Sculpture and modelling
  • Low-budget rigs
  • Pixilation: the human body as a puppet

Human characters

  • Advice on expressive acting
  • Facial animation
  • Body
Koyaa puppet reads Julia Peguet's book "Secrets d'Animateur"
photo: Tomaž Santl

Non-human characters

  • Anthropomorphised objects
  • Anthropomorphised animals
  • Animals as animals in their characteristics


  • The animator at work
  • The viewer